Procurement Management for export  includes operationlisation of activities of collection of produce and creating conducive environment for required kind of quality produce by way adopting pre & post harvest management practices.

A)    Pre Harvest Activities

B)    Post Harvest Activities

A)    Pre Harvest Activities

1.    Selection of  orchards in terms of their sizes, crop conditions, maintenance and time suitability for procurement.

2.    Selection of Varieties in terms of 

    a)    Requirement of overseas markets and their linkages on size, grade, colour, packs and transportation;

    b)    In term of shelf-life of the produce and;

    c)    In term of ultimate use of the produce (e.g. fresh use or processed use);

    d)    Local infrastructural availability etc.

3    Adoption of fields/farmers for better agronomic practices (three point programme)

    a)    Heavy Pruning

    b)    Use of Potash (Reducing dropping, uniform size, appearance, tight skin and better shelf-life)

    c)    Low irrigation intensity with proper PP measures (within permissible residue effects)

4    Designing Supply Schedule

    Assessment of harvesting/maturity period as per requirement of international market

5    Logistic Arrangements

    a)    Harvesting Kits

    b)    Training in Harvesting Techniques

    c)    Arrangements for Labour

    d)     Arrangements for packers at field level and pack-house

    e)    Arrangements for packing boxes/material, waxing, grading and fungicide treatments etc.

    f)    Arrangements for disposal of left out materials

    g)     Arrangements for Shiping/airlines/road transport

    h)    Other arrangements as per local conditions

B)   Harvest & Post Harvest Activities

    1.    Date of harvest and inspection of fields

    2.    Harvesting according to requirement of particular country

    3.    Scheduling despatch of containers (planner)

    4.    Date of container stuffing and scheduling supplies accordingly

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